Excel Exception HRESULT: 0x800706BE

When I run to open excel file I get this message:
Main has thrown an exception
Message: The remote procedure call failed. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BE)
Source: Excel application scope
Exception type: ExcelException.

Can anyone provide me an explanation and what I should do?


What activities do you have inside Excel Application Scope? Do you have the Excel package updated?

Hi @abairaktaris,

In addition, please check if your excel file is not corrupted or something. You may check it by simple trying to open it with Excel and if it doesn’t show any error message, then it means that your excel file is ok and the problem is related to UiPath.

Please provide info on how to check and update.

I can open the excel file. I guess that it has to do with permissions. Maybe in registry?

Go to Package Manager -> Update

Hi @ovi @acaciomelo ,

I am also having this problem after I have updated the excel activities from package manager.
The excel is not corrupted it is in the format .xls.
I have used excel scope several times for reading and writting.
It sometimes works fine.
Also I am calling a macro and my input file is .xlsm.

Excel package version: 2.0.6526.16321
MS Office: 2010
File format used: .xlsm and .xls

Could you please help resolve this.


Try with Workbook activity and see error pops up ?

We are using .xlsm format as we are having a macro enabled sheet.

I thought to share the resolution.
We have changed excel scope to workbook where-ever possible.
Rightnow not getting any error still testing.

I think this was an Excel scope issue.
This needs to be debuged and resolved by the UiPath team.


Please refer to the link like below, although is write in Chinese.


Some days before, I installed a software “PDFelement 6 Pro”, it changed the default setting of Excel.
Maybe it caused the exception like 「HRESULT: 0x800706BE」


I had same issues when I made scenario.

This problem seems happen when the remote try to refer the file on the server or when it can not Quit before the scope process.

I solve this issue by inserting Activity of delay and set 2 second before it scope.

I am not sure if this works for you, but i hope this help.


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Keeping a delay has resolved the issue. Thank you for your help


I also get this error sometimes when I run the process from the orchestrator. Some internal code fails somehow… I think it’s totally independent from the robot, since 2 minutes after getting this error, it was successful again. (Nothing was changed in the code.) UiPath needs to fix this.


updating version is not solution.

disable add-in “FoxitReader PDF Creator COM Add-in” in Excel 2016 is worked for me.

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