Excel + email automation

Hi, I have a requirement where I have to read the excel file for exceptions and for each user shown on exception report look for their emails in another excel file and send outlook emails.
exception report is attached
Email file is attached
I worked on creating the Bot and was successful with looking up in initial email and sending outlook emails.
I am unable to loop over for each user in the email file. How do I do it? Please suggest me some steps.
Please help

1st loop over exception sheet get exception and name of user

2nd step filter datatable (which has email info) with user name.

3rd step send outlook mail

Loop next

  • Use Join Data tables activity to join the two data tables based on a foreign key. Once you have a table which contains data of both data tables.

  • Use Filter Data table activity two filter emails based on username and fetch the email

Please let me know if this works

Do you have a sample code for me to refer? Kindly share

I also have another question. While sending outlook emails, I have put below values in To, CC and BCC
Cc: row.Item(12).ToString
Bcc: row.Item(13).ToString
I have more people to send emails…
Can I concatenate them all in the To field? Could you please tell me how?

If you’re using outlook, you can concat them by semicolon “;

Hope it helps!

no. it does not like it. Can i do like this:
String.join(",",row.Item(11)ToString + row.Item(12).ToString)?
Please let me know.

Jeven_Delacruz Could you please help?


Try String.Join(";",row.Item(11).ToString,row.Item(12).ToString)