Excel - dynamic filter

Hello all,
I’m new to UiPath RPA world, so forgive me if I’m asking something so stupid, but I can’t figure it out. :slight_smile:
Let’s say I have Excel file with a following example data:
1001,http:…,comments,John Smith,John Doe
1234, http:…,coments,Bill Gates,Steve Jobs
1235, http:…,coments,Bill Gates,John Doe

I need to do the following:
read the Excel file, filter and extract all rows with the same Customer to the new Excel file, so I can email every customer with his own tickets in excel.
So, in example above, the result should be 2 new Excel files. One file for Bill Gates (with his 2 tickets) and one for John Smith (with his 1 ticket).
Of course, in real world scenario, I will not know all the customers names and how many different customers will be inside the starting Excel.

Thanks in advance,

This same request was posted yesterday, for a slightly different problem. However it should give you enough to work with. It essentially takes a master file and splits the relevant data into individual files for processing. There is an example workflow to help.

I could provide a similar workflow based on your scenario, however, best for you to try and take the basics then work from there. Better for you then to grasp the application.