Excel Doubt


what is your doubt??

kindly elaborate your query pls
Cheers @Lalithas

@Palaniyappan @ImPratham45

the Question is about .

i need to know how to high light a particular row in the excel sheet (by applying some conditions) Ex: Total Mark>100-First class(normal black color)
Total Mark<100-second class(red color)

You can do that in two ways @Lalithas

  1. Record a macro like filtering the data and then applying the color to the filtered data. Then use it inside the application scope using execute macro activity

  2. You can do the same in excel like, looping through all the data (after reading and storing in the data table from excel) for that particular row and checking if it is greater than 100 or less than 100. Based on that you need to apply the color using set color activity (getting the index from the for each row activity and using that in set color activity)

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