Excel Discrepancy-URGENT

Hi @Nithinkrishna
Thank You so much
can u pls add one more logic in this code that should give Find out same part number having different RITC that should be also highlighted like same but using different color.

@ermanoj3101 can pls help over here.
Hope it takes less time.


Hi @mitul_choudhary ,

Can you test this please, it is done from my end.
Coloring.xaml (31.0 KB)

New_Custom_Copy_Output-071421041554 - Copy.xlsx (353.7 KB)

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Hey @ermanoj3101

Great help.

@mitul_choudhary I was little away from forum, so not seen your post to help.

Sorry for it


@Nithinkrishna No problem mate.
Thank you so much for all your help & support

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