Excel didnt show full decimal value

Hi everyone , so i use read excel and store it in data table,
then i write the data table into existing excel template sheet

but i see that excel didnt write full value of decimal
(picture in column )
(picture in formula/value section )

how do i make so the data shows in column is exactly in as the picture in formula/value section (real value)

and diffrent row will have diffrent decimal value
FYI. the clumn tpe is NUMBER and i want to keep it as number

thank you

Hi @Ahmad_Rais ,

You can either increase the decimal points in your template sheet or try changing the type of the column into TEXT.

I hope this helps. Happy automation!

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Use this option in excel to show more or less decimal point in Excel


Hi Ke, thanks for the reply ,

i have known bfr that that changingn it to genral or text can give true value , but im hoping somehow i can do this in diffrent way maybe from script .

thank you

Here’s an example of a script in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) that changes the number formatting for a range of cells to display more decimal places:

Sub ShowFullDecimalValue()
Dim rng As Range

'Set the range to be formatted
Set rng = Range("A1:A10")

'Change the number formatting for the range to display more decimal places
rng.NumberFormat = "0.0000000000"

End Sub

This script will change the number format for cells A1 to A10 to display 10 decimal places. You can modify the range and number of decimal places as needed. To run this script, you need to have the Developer tab enabled in Excel and open the VBA editor (press Alt + F11). Then, paste the code into a new module and run the macro.

From the newer options: