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I have a cell contains with many information from one single cell. I would like to delimiter (Owner, Category, and Purpose) to 3 separate cells. And remove everything on Others: & after Others:

Owner: App Team Category: Mobile App Purpose: 2FA Others: 2FA Authentication for Login Page

Owner: App Team
Category: Mobile App
Purpose: 2FA

My script has stopped at pulling the information to a variable and message out., Message Box

I would appreciate any advice you could give me. Thank you


Can you share me the sample input file and output file required?


Hi @AL13,

Try this XAML test.xaml (5.3 KB)

Hi aanandsanrai,

Thank for your sample file and it’s what I want to achieve. One more question, it is possible to ignore case sensitive? Example of “Owner:” to become any form of big or small letter.


yes can do just convert that ToLower and check.


I have changed the “Owner” to “owner” in the Assign box for testing purpose.
Please see the screenshots below which getting an error where using the ToLower.

  • strVar.Substring(strVar.ToLower.IndexOf(“Owner”),strVar.IndexOf(“Purpose:”))
  • strVar.ToLower.Substring(strVar.IndexOf(“Owner”),strVar.IndexOf(“Purpose:”))

Please advise and Thank you


But you haven’t change it in inside index of string. Still it is “Owner” change that to “owner” and also change the other strings


So eventually still based on case sensitive.
In my excel, some are small letter and big letter. Example, Owner, owner, Purpose, and purpose. Therefore, the searching muse be ignored the case sensitive. It’s possible for strVar.IndexOf(“owner”) to match Onwer, owneR. etc? Thank you


try this XAML
test.xaml (7.3 KB)

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