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Hey y’all, I have files that name consists of date like 9.10.2022-15.10.2022.xlsx and 16.10.2022-22.10.2022.xlsx … etc. For example, can we search for this file 16.10.2022-22.10.2022 in this folder name to see if it is within the date 21.10.2022?

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Yes. You can follow below steps,

  • Get all file names in a string array

  • Loop each file name and

    1. Split file name based on - symbol

    2. Convert split result in to date variables

    3. Check requested/input date falls between date range

    4. If it falls, Perform operation and break the for loop

@poorna_nayak07 could you send me an example please?

I’m sorry that I cannot share any solution files here. But following above steps would solve your problem statement.

Let me know if you find any difficulty implementing same.

Hello @iremguner, :smiley:

I created the solution for you! Check here:

Example.xaml (12.1 KB)


Bruna Bruno.

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thank you so much <3

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