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Hi Team,

I would need your help to put a filter for 6 months data basis date range from an excel file and copy it back to into a new sheet.

Datatable name - DT
Excelfile name - Balaji Nama
Column name - Order Created Date

Please assist on this.

Balaji Nama

Hi @balaji.nama,

  1. Read the Excel in a DataTable say dtInput.
  2. You can make use of Filter DataTable activity Here as shown below.
    one thing that you will have to work here will be on the column types/ format while comparing.



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Hi Mukesh,

Thanks for your response. It worked perfectly just had to change <= to >=.

Balaji Nama

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I am facing difficulty in removing duplicate. I am having 30 columns in the excel sheet and if there is a duplicate in a specific column even if other columns are not matching rows should be deleted.

I have used Dt2.DefaultView.ToTable(True,“Column1”) which works to remove duplicates for Column1 as per my requirement but writes back only Column1, other 29 columns are not written back into the sheet

I have used Dt2.DefaultView.ToTable(True,“Column1”,“Column2”,“Column3” …“Column30”) which is removing duplicates for Column1 if the data across all columns are matching and writes back all 30 columns. This is not matching my requirement.

Balaji Nama

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