Excel Date data remove

Hi ,

One excel file.One date column here. Remove the entire row 10 yers back.

you can use filter datatable, remove the line containing the data you want to remove

Hi @AsadPathan2665

Try this-

  1. Calculate the date that is 10 years ago using the DateTime.Now.AddYears(-10) method.
  2. Compare the date value with the calculated date using the DateTime.Compare method. If the date is less than the calculated date, it means it is 10 years or more in the past.
  3. If the date meets the condition, use the “Remove Data Row” activity to remove the current row from the DataTable.
  4. After iterating through all the rows, use the “Write Range” activity to write the modified DataTable back to the Excel file.



Filter excel activity…with advanced filter less than Now.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy 00:00:00")

Then use delete rows activity and select visible rows