Excel datatables work

I need your help in my workflow I have excel sheet student database

This is my excel sheet I need to give the remaining coloumn value that it is in description

In description whatever it is I need to be fill in first sheet
How can I achieve these things explain berifely

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Hi @siva_sankar
use for each datatable activity to iterate into each row of the excel , use assign and perform the mathematical operations to assign the appropriate values


Can you tell me that mathematical expression

Use for each datatable activity & pass the read range output variable
inside for each
use assign activity
Currentrow(“Percentage”)=**Currentrow(“English”)+Currentrow(“Urdu”)+Currentrow(“Physics”)+Currentrow(“Math”)+Currentrow(“Chemistry”)+Currentrow(“Boilogy”))/600)*100 **


Take one build data table after reading the both excels using read range.

inside build data table create the columns which you wants to fill.

take one add data row and inside the array of row mention {“Column1,Column2,Column3,…”} this should be inside the for each row.

outside all the for each take one Excel Application scope and write range mention the first Builddt and range as “L1”


I need how to do that obtained marks, percentage, remarks, grade everything

Yeah okay then grade and remarks and rank how we will achiebe this

use if activity

I need one big help can you provide any workflow for this

i am working on it i will upload shortly

Hi @siva_sankar

Please find the attached overall workflow and kindly mark it as solution
Usecase5.zip (15.7 KB)


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hi @siva_sankar

I hope you might have worked with the workflow which i have shared.so can you please update me whether you got your desire solution or not

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