Excel Datatable, First Column variable names

Trying to create an excel workbook that UiPath will read a range of, each column are parameters to be passed into a program to run a report. Col A are the names of each parameter, then B, C, so on are various versions of the report to be run.

I’ve got to where I read the range, pass it into a For Each Row, but now it seems I have to manually assign each row as a variable. Is there a way I can have UiPath create each variable based on the name that is in Col A?

Example below think of 3 columns in excel, A is the name of each parameter, B and C are different inputs for that parameter. Looking to get UiPath to loop through each column and pass in 500 as Var1, 1/2019 as Var2, then run report, then again 600 as Var 1, 9/2019 as Var 2 run report again. so on and so forth.

Property : 500 : 600
Date : 1/2019 : 9/2019

Hi @db44

Use build datatable activity and add columns as A B C use add data row and pass the string variable


Hi @db44

Try these links for your reference. With example.


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