Excel data

Hi all,
I have an excel with 1000 rows of data when i am running this excel how would i get an empty row after every 100 rows of data.Anyone please help me.


  • I think u cannot achieve wat u r trying to do in single

  • ull have to read the data from the excel file, then the data read will be in datatable type.

  • then ull have to create new datatable and use manipulation techniques to populate the new datatable on bases of ur requirement.

tq so much

@Saiharshitha, Two ways,

  1. Excel UIAutomation - Opening excel and press down until that many number of rows and use
    ALT + H + I+ R to insert the new row.
  2. Datatable - Read range and convert excel to a datatable. Then use InsertAt method to insert the row at the specified index.

Dom :slight_smile: