Excel data to sql database


I am getting error in insert syntax error, how to resolve it, Please help.
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Show your connection settings in the activity’s properties.

Show your connection settings. They aren’t in this activity. They’re in another activity and being stored in Db_Connection.

Database connection is correct but i am getting error in insert syntax. I have attached workflow, please look on it

Unfortunately I can’t download things like that, I’m not allowed.

I guess the only advice I can offer is to try to figure out where there is a / occurring. That’s what it’s complaining about. Maybe in one of your column names?

In general we would recommend to go for more standard column name conventions and trying to avoid spaces / … in column names.

In case there is noch chance to adopt the column names give try on double / the / in the column name for escaping

Aircraft S/N to Aircraft S//N
Some database can be handled when [ColName WithSpace] the col name

Which DBMS is in use?


I am using sql management studio