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I have a excel sheet that has 20+ Columns,I want to apply filter on multiple columns so I am trying a select query in Assign .

I simply tried as Read Range → Output : DT
DT = DT.Select(“Industry LIKE ‘Utilities’”).CopyToDataTable()

It gives me error as The Source contains no data rows, Can someone please help .

I have verified the Column Name its Industry and I want to pick rows that contains the word Utilities only .


Can you use like below


If the above doesn’t work provide the excel sheet and the columns you want to extract.

The column has a value as TUGA - Utilities / Gas / Gas , The word Utilities is what I want to apply filter to and other columns as well but I am stuck at first column itself

HI @XYZ_1991

If you are directly looking for the value ‘Utilities’ you can use the method mentioned by @anil5. However, if your string contains more info than the word ‘Utilities’ you can use the Like method like this

DT.Select("Industry like '%Utilities%").CopyToDataTable()


DT.Select("[Industry] like '%Utilities%'").CopyToDataTable()

Use like this
dt.Select(“[Industry] like ‘%Utilities%’”).CopyToDataTable

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I have a column Name : [Opportunity Name] and I want to keep rows which do not have words like ( Pragma, ARM, Infra, Security, Cyber, Finance, Banking) What can be passed so it discards rows that have any word from this array ?

Any idea

Hi @XYZ_1991,

You have to use multiple and statements like below.

dt.Select("[Opportunity Name] Not like ‘%Pragma%’ and [Opportunity Name] Not like ‘%ARM%’ ").CopyToDataTable

And do the same for other words and give a try.

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Yeah , I was thinking if it has anything else …Helps , Thank you both :slight_smile:

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Hi @XYZ_1991

For this, the answer given my @anil5 should work for you :slight_smile:

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