Excel data not type/displayed correctly in automation


I am encountering an issue when using a =text(month(today(),“mmmm”) formula in excel and when i need to get the month into a “type into” activity in Studio.

When I use the formula, read range the file and do a “type into” or “write line” activity for that formula, Studio is typing the month as “00” instead of “April”

When I hard code “April” instead of using the formula, it types it correctly however, I will need the file to be not static which is why I have the formula. I am also refraining from partitioning this part of the text by using scripts because I have a sequence of hotkeys/commands before the month is typed into a part of the reporting tool we’re building the automation.

If you have suggestions, it will be appreciated very much.

I have attached the file I am using as reference.
job.xlsx (14.7 KB)

Thanks in advance!