Excel Data Matching and Output CreationS

Excel_test_workflow_.zip (67.8 KB)
Hello Ui_Path Taam,
We’re currently working with Excel sheets and trying to match data. Our aim is to compare information in one Excel sheet and create an output accordingly. If there’s a match between certain columns, we want to generate an output with specific data. However, we’re encountering issues with the process involving “ArrayRow” and “DataRow” parts.

Could you please assist us with this? Attacched .zip file so please check flow in this and let me send sollution


Hi @badal_patel ,
Can you share your link you can get data

we do not use the ArrayRow and the DataRow at the same time
Does mean:
Use ArrayRow
Use DataRow

Other issues:
when using Datatables init it before and ensure that the prepared data table is defining the right data column structure

e.g. dtDuplicate is not prepared

It looks, like trying a common / uncommon rows detection flow. We can use other techniques for it instead of for each XXX and if constructs

I’ve shared the workflow for your review. I’m uncertain about the exact usage within the ‘if’ condition. Could you please take a look and help us find a solution?

Please take a look at my flow. I’m comparing data from two sheets. If they match, I want the data in one sheet; if not, in another. If you know of a different way, please give it a try and send me your solution. Thanks

update_ Excel_ customer.zip (71.5 KB)
now have have no error in work flow but when i run it’s gives me error so can you please check and help me to find solution

hey ,
please find sollution me