Excel Data management

Hi everyone

We are currently busy with a project and have run into a little problem i will try my best to describe what we are doing.

We are working off of an excel data table of Purchase orders from a ERP system, When we retrieve the data appear as bellow

Now that is perfect depending on the status of each PO Line we can run a sequence to then close the PO, However, some POs have multiple lines and it will repeat on the data table

the condition we would like to work in is that if the PO(number) has multiple lines read all of them before making a decision and running the close PO sequence,

The reason being is that each PO line has Purchased goods and received goods that have to be equal for us to close,

Ex, if the PO has 10 lines 1-9 is correct but 10 is not correct we have to see that 10 is incorrect before we close the PO, this would not be an issue if we could close the line, we have instructions to only close the POs that are 100% correct

Is this information found on the same Excel sheet? Are you able to do this calculation with all the information found on the Excel file?

Also, what is the frequency you will be running this report from the ERP system?


Hi ,

Unfortunately not, the first data table we pull is for all the POs that have the parameters (Approved) and (Open) using that information we go into the Po and navigate the the line level where we extract the line detail of that Po then depending on the lines (ordered and Received) we Can then make a decision

We would run this once a week for a about 4000 Purchase orders

we would be able to make the calculation we are just not sure how to do that specific calculation:sweat_smile: