Excel data flowchart video

Using yo7 studio community edition.
I am following the second part of the excel spread sheet tutorial using a flowchart.
I have put in the variable copied it field for field of what he does in the video.
When I run the file I can see the excel spread sheet quickly open and close but it returns no data.
In the tutorial video the data let’s say the “names” within the file are shown in the output bar on UI Path studio.
But I can’t find the data been returned anywhere

Can I have screenshot of your workflow if possible
This can be resolved buddy

Cheers @WillBrown

if yu need to see the content of the data extracted from excel in a datatable, you should use output data table activiry.

how do i do that?
Where will he data be displayed?

if you watch the ui path excel tutorial video when he runs it in the video the data is displayed in the ui path studio output menu bar?

as you can see in the bottom right when he asks the excel file to show names they come up in the bottom right corner?