Excel data addition

Hi Friends,

I have a question, the current scenario of the dispatcher bot is:
In a web application , the bot filters data for some particular city and clicks on a tab , so data related to that office will be displayed in a grid.
Then these data are scrapped and are added to Excel , from there the items are added to queue

The request I have is , I need to limit the addition of data to excel to only 250.
i.e if the extracted data had 500 records , I need to add only 250 to the excel and the same will be then add to queue item.

is this possible?

thanks in advance

In the Data Scraping wizard, you can set the number of results to 250.


Thanks Karthik, But I do not want to set during extraction , I need to add a variable in config . max count set to 200 and use it … is that possible ? if yes , how?


You can set in the properties panel of Extract Structured Data Activity.
You have the same option.
Read the max results count from config file and set it in the properties.

oh yes thanks, one last request … I am extracting the data from the grid, sometimes it might be more than 500 or less than that , but I need to add an extra column to the first 250 rows as “BOT would perform” and whatever is remainin as “Manual perform” and then write it to an excel and send it to the business, How can I add that extra column to only 250 records?
in short : I do not want to fetch only 250 records, I need to fetch all records and add the comment to first 250