Excel corresponding cell value

Splits_Three Sisters_Staging_2019.xlsx (19.8 KB)
on summary sheet, i want value storage lease, if lease type is allocation,
or if lease type is splits than from storage lease give value of splits only.


I can’t quite understand your question clearly, do you want to have the value of storage leases if the lease type is split or allocation? if yes, you can read the excel sheet and save the output as data table, then you can loop on each row, if the row(“Lease Type”) = “Allocation” OR row(“Lease Type”) = “Split” then save the value as row.item(“Lease Type”).


@faris, sorry for the bad explaintion,
i want to get storage number for allocation and spilts repectivily

@Faris i think your logic is correct, but plzz can you explain more, by using activity or assign activity,

So you only want to retrieve if it says split?

If it it split you want the Storage Leases number in first column?

You will need to use read range to read the excel into a datatable.

If yes, you can simply use filter activity - you filter on lease Type column = Split

You will then be left with only 2 rows in image.

You can the access the data by using for each row (datatable)
row.item(0).tostring or row.item(“Storage Leases”).Tostring