Excel: copying line from 1 file to another


Sounds simple enough, but having a real issue here…and I got it to work once and forgot to save it, which haunts me more…lol
I have a script where a user emails us askgin for a new employee number…I get the attachment, save it and my script reads the 1 row (in 4 columns) and I want to take that 1 row and put it into another excel file (which has a list of new employees numbers, so I want to put it into the next available line)

I figured it was an easy read from one and write to another…that did not work, tried to save the value in each column and paste into new file, did not work as well…I can take that data and set into output data file, and it reads it in a write line no problem, but will not take that data back into another excel file.

Any suggestions on how to do this, I figured it would be easy but driving me nuts…again I did get it to work and not sure what happened…

Or if anyone has a file they could share that would help.

Also I want to use the next available row, it is simple enough to assign row and use row+1.

One final question…is there an UNDO feature in Ui Path, as many times I needed it…and I’m sure I’m not the only one.


Hi @Chris_B

Well I think that you should use Read Range activity and then simply use an Append Range activity and you should not worry about where is the next empty row, it handle it itself.

Here is a zip that contains a flowchart of what you want to achieve with two excel sheets one for the new employee and the other with whole employees list.

AddRowFromExcelToAnother.zip (22.8 KB)

Enjoy :wink:


Thanks for the message…

I did try using the Append and it did not work…and I had it seutp the exact same as yours…but then I used your template, added my filepath and now working exactly how I wanted…maybe from all the changes I did something got messed up, but its now working and thanks for the help!!!

What about that UNDO option in UI Path?..lol

Well glad it worked,
I undo my changes only by clicking on ctrl+z combination, but this is only going to get you back to the last time you saved your process.