Excel copy paste worksheet is missing objects

I tried to copy the contents of Excel worksheet using “copy paste Pange”.
However, the object like figure is not copied.

How can I copy the worksheet contents includes objects?
Is there any copy method of the work sheet including objects for studioXcopyFrom.xlsx (9.3 KB) copyTo.xlsx (8.0 KB) ?

“duplicate sheet” doesn’t do the trick?

Thank you for your reply.
What I would like to do is to copy a worksheet contens to to other worksheet in another Excel workbook.
I am afraid “duplicate sheet” works only in the same workbook, right?
Do you have other solution?

doesn’t this work? i selected the sheets directly form the + menu:

Thank you for the sample workflow.
This is exactly the same when I use “copy paste Range”.

I want to copy the worksheet contents includes objects,
but the object like figure is not copied using this way…

Looks like a limitation. Will be back with more info.

If you find any progress, I am looking forward to letting me know more info.

This is a limitation right now. We are targeting for a solution on future releases.

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I understand your situation.
I will wait, and I am very glad if you give me a notification about future release if you have any progress.

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