Excel Copy Paste Range

I want to simply copy a datatable from one sheet to the other sheet, within the same excel file. It’s just raw data, no formula.
I found new activity “Excel Copy Paste Range” and use it. It keeps running forever. Looks like it stuck there while that activity is done, but don’t move on to the next activity.

Anyone experience this?

Not sure about the “Excel Copy Paste Range” activity. You can achieve this with simple Read and Write range activities.

I’ve tried this with simply the “Copy Sheet” activity, the only thing that should be respected is that the sheet where you will copy the data should not be there before copying the data

Hi @Jane,

You can make a copy of sheet inside excel. using this activity


Hi @Udayrayalla, @reda, @balupad14,

Thanks for response. Actually, I didn’t make it clear. My table has >80 columns and it will have dynamic number of rows. For example, I want to copy column J to N to “New” sheet.

  • So Read and Write range won’t work because of number of row can be different. I tried Read “J:N” and it crashed every time.
  • Copy entire Sheet won’t work, unless I have to delete ~75 columns which I try to avoid.

Anyone has any idea?

Hi @Jane

Well the copy Sheet has worked fine for me with 80 columns it copies the entire worksheet (so dynamic number of columns is not a problem) without any problem here is the workflow

Copy Sheet.zip (8.6 KB)

If you still want to make it with another method please let me know! :slight_smile:


You can use the copy sheet activity which exists in the BalaReva.Excel.Activities. and then you clear data (exists in the same package) which you don’t want.



Thanks Reda. I want few columns out of >80 columns, not all columns. So with Copy Sheet, I have to delete >70 columns, which is what I want to avoid.

Yes i am experiencing the same issue !! this stuck and not moving to the next activity.

Any one help with the solution ??

Hi @Jane,

Why don’t you try the Delete Range activity.

In above you the sample also.