Excel - copy data from files to overview file

Hi all,

I have several excel files:
excel A: an overview of all files
excel B, C, D, etc.: excel files which contains values that need to be copied to excel A.

The excel files B,C,D contains an ID which can be found in the overview sheet.
Is there any other way to let the bot store the value of excel B, look it up in excel A and fill in columns X,Y,Z
I would want to first open excel B and then fill in the data in excel A.

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1.Read Excel B save id as Variable
2.Read range Excel B store output as Data table
3. Now go to Excel A - use Filter put Excel B id variable as Filter criteria
4.Write range in Excel A - use stored datatable variable

Hope it works

Hi @Lawrance_A

Thanks a lot for your input, seems very valuable.

I understand all except step 4. Could you elaborate a little?
I don’t have to write the whole datable, only specific cells of excel B in specific columns of excel A.

Thanks again!

Hi @yannip,

To copy the data from excel you can use the below activity


@balupad14: Hmm, thanks but what is the difference with just reading a range and writing it somewhere else?

Hi @yannip,

The Read Range reads the data and stored into a datatable. But the “Copy Data” is stored the data into a clipboard. it considers only the cell range. even if it is an un-formatted data.