Excel copy 3 row named range down 1 row and make the new cells the new named range



I have a named range in an excel spreadsheet that is the last row of data and some forumulas, simplified it looks like this:

Acct1 Acct2 Acct3
2 50 200 100
3 150 375 25
4 75 20 125
5 =sum(a2:a4) =sum(b2:b4) =sum(c2:c4)

The range A4:c5 is named footer. Every day I go in and copy the last 2 rows down 1 row so that everything in 4 is in 5 and everything in 5 is in 6. then I go in and update the values in what is now row 5 to that days values.

I would like to automate this and in psuedo steps it would be
select range footer
set variable rangeStart = first cell of range "footer"
set variable rangeEnd = last cell of the range "footer"
read range
goto rangeStart + 1 row (or move down 1 row)
write range
set named range footer = rangestart+1row: rangeEnd+1row
save the file leaving it open

There will be lots more to do like opening serveral web sites to get the values and stick them in the cells, etc. but I’m brand new at uiPath and this would be the first thing that needs to happen.


In short A4:c5 should be changed to A5:C6?

If you want This to be accomplished by keeping the file visible, you can do it using hot key commands.

Some hot keys that might help

  1. open excel application scope with visible checked
  2. f5 to go to range(type into activity)
  3. shift enter to select range after range end select.
  4. control-x to cut
  5. controls-v to paste


I am not finding how to get the bot to type control-c without showing a target (error message no target selected). I did use “select range” inside the excel application scope to get excel open with the range selected. just under that I added the type into activity and selected ctrl from the drop down and guessed at adding the c with +“c”.

I could use read range and write range but I don’t understand where I can navigate the sheet or where I can programatically find the values of the begining and ending of the “footer” range and change them by adding a row? Or maybe I’m thinking of this the wrong way altogether?


use below activity on your excel, you don’t have to select target.


to go to last row, shortcut is Ctrl+down, probably “Up” arrow might take you to penulitmate row.

check this example for reference