Excel - continue from empty field

Sample.xlsx (15.6 KB)

Hi, this is an example in excel. say if i want to use column A to search for column B in a website. But i want the bot continue search base on this excel list, only if column B is empty. Anyone able to advise how do i do it? Thanks!

Hi @Joanna2

Try this



I hope it helps!!

Hi @Joanna2

Try the below workflow and if the Phone column is empty then do the necessary actions in Then and if there is a data in phone column then do the necessary actions in Else

Hope it works !!

Hi @Joanna2

Try this:
if(not(String.IsNullOrEmpty(CurrentRow("colName")) or String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(CurrentRow("colName"))))

This will give the out as TRUE or FALSE. If the out field contains any space or null value then it will return FALSE.

Hope it helps.