Excel Content Alert Issue

I have the following scenario: I am copying a numeric content from a given excel spreadsheet to another. When doing this through the UiPath that is on my local machine (community version), I get the expected result and I don’t get errors with decimal separator. When I do this through the UiPath that is on the server, I receive an alert in each cell saying that the content is numeric but is written as text and this makes it impossible to make further calculations with this data. Has anyone been through any similar? The alert that appears is similar as below print:


Hi @GabrielHaibi ,

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While Writing Data in Excel , UIpath Provides us with an option of “Preserve Format” - This Ensures that the Data Format is Not lost. This can be Tried.

But since for you it is working in one machine and not in other.

Below are the things to be Verified :

  1. Both the machines have the same versions of Excel installed.
  2. The Destination Excel does not have any formulas or Formatting available.
  3. Compare the Server sheet with the sheet in your local machine - Wether the cells you are pasting the Data are same - means same Formulas / Formating.
  4. The Source Data being Pasted in local and Server stands Same.


Hi Mukeshkala, my issue is that we don’t know the source cell format. All the data into the source file is in General format, so we don’t really know if it is a number, or a text or a data. We just copy the data as it is and paste it into another excel file.