Excel - Configuring Pivot Field Settings

After creating the pivot table, is there an activity in UiPath to configure the pivot table fields? Currently, I am trying to record the actions manually such as using the PivotTable Fields list by searching for the fields I want and clicking the check boxes for each one.
While using the record function, selecting the search bar will prompt a message saying that there is no reliable selector. Also, when checking the box for the fields I want, I have to specifically click on the box instead of the whole option which I think will also cause problems.
Lastly, is there a way to show the full summary of the pivot table? Normally, when I need to create the summary table, I would double click on the last row with the total or I would right click and click on the “show details” option.

Hi @p3tr1fy

For actions that there are no activities yet, you could try executing some VBA code using the Invoke VBA activity.

I understand that it adds a layer of complexity, but it can be as easy as recording a sequence using the in-build Excel macro recorder. You can then inspect the underlying code and probably customize it/parametrize it.

Thanks for the suggestion, I managed to get the summary table for pivot to appear by using hotkeys. Will try to figure out the field settings next.