Excel - Concatenate - Formula Error as end of expression expected


I have been reviewing the forum for a while and I cannot seem to figure out why UI Path says end of expression expected…

=CONCATENATE(“E”&TEXT(G2,“mmddyy”)&“-”&TEXT(H2,“mmddyy”)&" “&Q2&” “&“P”&F2&” "&P2)

I am trying to use this formula in a write cell activity.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

You need to escape your quotes. Try this:

“=CONCATENATE(”“E”“&TEXT(G2,”“mmddyy”“)&”“-‘’&TEXT(H2,”“mmddyy’')&”" “”&Q2&“” “”&““P””&F2&“” “”&P2)"

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Thank you for the reply, this worked great!

Such a simple fix.

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