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I’m comparing two columns in 2 different excel sheets. But I’m getting the following error.Can you please look in to this. I’ve attached the workflow file with this.comparison.xaml (12.3 KB)

@FEMI_MARIYA_BINOY Try this in the if condition customer.ToString=customer1.ToString

I tried, but got the same error.

Is it possible to attach excel files

well I’m working on your xaml, the problem is that you have two customer IEnumberable just delete one of them and it should work

Daily Report.xlsx (15.4 KB)

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Claims.xls (36 KB)

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There is two excel sheets and I’m trying to compare the columns. so I should have two customer IEnumberable to compare. Right?

I’ve attached both the files. please check.

I’m not sure what are you trying to do(compare each cell or two columns or compare the whole columns) but here is the workflow without the problem that you had before
Comparaison.zip (28.9 KB)
enjoy :wink:

I want to compare the customer names in daily report file with the customer names in claim file. If both the columns have same names then the result should be “claim details okay”. This is what I want to do. :roll_eyes:

so you want to compare each two values (e.g B5 from Daily Report and C5 from claims and B6 and C6 and so on …)?


Hi @FEMI_MARIYA_BINOY, sorry for the delay

well here is the xaml, but I want you to do something, when you will open the process you will find an error, I want to go to
Manage Packages ===> All Packages =====> search for Honoka ===> install Honoka.SmallArticle.Activities

and the error will go away and you can run your process

Comparaison.zip (29.6 KB)

Enjoy :wink:


Thank you Reda. It’s really helpful…

Getting Error

Can u plz expalin it.

Oh I forgot to say you have to add a new variable “lenght” as Int32

Hello Reda,

Actually after the first execution of else part I want to jump out from that repetition activity. So that I can display that message(Details not okay) once. Now the problem is even though the details matching the loop continues checking. Can you please help me in this.


In this case you need to use break that only can be used inside a for each activity

Anyway here is the process enjoy :wink:

Comparaison.zip (29.5 KB)


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