Excel - compare

Hi Guys,

Could you please help as I tried but could not found the solutions.


  1. abc.xls - ID,NAME,CITY - Data present.
  2. def.xls - ID,NAME,CITY - Data present.

My BOT should check whether the def.xls data is available there in abc.xls . If it is available then delete from abc.xls.

Please help…

I would suggest looking at Join Data Tables to see if that’d do what you are looking for. If that doesn’t work, you may have to do it by hand. Copy the schema of one of the datatables after reading in the data and then fill it with the information as you verify that it’s not already present in the other file.

@Abhishek_sinha, I feel the best way is to create a new data table which contains unique values in abc.xls by using a simple assign as mentioned in this post How to delete data row of one data table based on other matching data row of other datatable? - #7 by samir