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How to remove an entire column in excel, help needed.

Use Insert/Delete Column Activity

I was trying that how does this ‘no of col’ and position works, i changed the Mode as Remove? i am trying to extract a table and the first col in the table contains links i am extracting using Data Scraping but the link displaying in 2nd column i am trying to delete this link col which displaying in 2nd (B) col using this activity i am unable to remove it

NoColumns is no of columns u want to remove/delete say From First column you want to delete no of columns
and position is column position say for first column it will be 1

OK i tried this, now the output datas in ‘B’ column is removed still the entire column is displaying. Say ‘A’ contains links, ‘B’ empty column, ‘C’ datas. still B column not fully removed

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@ImPratham45, now its working, i forgot to change the mode from Add to Remove, thanks for the solution

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