Excel Column Protection


Suppose i have data in excel from A1:H100 and i would like to protect column C:D. Is there any way i can do that from the bot?

If you want to prevent a certain cell from entering a value.
I recommend using Excel’s cell protection feature.

  1. When entering a value in a protected cell.

  2. Column C is protected.

  3. Docs
    Lock cells to protect them

Hello Everyone i Found the Working Solution

  1. Write the VBA Script needed to Lock/Unlock the Columns, I referred this link
  2. Use Invoke VBA Activity in UiPath, pass the correct Function name(as used in VB script)
  3. Pass parameters if needed
  4. Dont forget to enable this inorder to prevent the exception of –
    "Programmatic access to Visual Basic Project is not trusted "

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