Excel colum

i have a aphanumeric column … and i need to delete all rows after that alpha numeric coluumn ends . how do i do that ?

here A is that column and i need to delete it from 4823 row and below that

Is there any empty cell in between this Column rows?

not really

i was using this logic , but this works only if values in cell are numeric .

dt2.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(r) (r(0)).tostring.IsNumeric).CopyToDataTable

Than you can check string.isnullorEmpty(row(“ColumName”).Tostring) Instead alphanumeric.

but i want to delete entire row

Hello @poojaskyrathore

You can Find first\Last row activity and find the last row index in the column A.

Then you can use Delete rows activity. In the range you can start from “Index+1” from the first activity.

Hello @poojaskyrathore
Refer Attached .xaml file.
Testing.xaml (10.8 KB)