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Hi guys,
I am running into an issue with the bot I am trying to create.
Issue: I have an excel sheet with multiple buttons that generate different numbers based on what is chosen. I am trying to have the bot click on one of those buttons and have tried recording, choosing click and changing the informative screenshot to show only that one button, and some other things I have found online. (NOTE: I can’t use hotkeys and this has to be a mouse click.)
My main problem comes when indicating the specific button. For some reason, I can’t choose that specific button. Instead, the whole page gets highlighted. Theoretically, this should be a simple mouse click but I can’t seem to figure it out.

Any suggestion is very appreciated. Thank you!

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You can not use click activity to the page cell in excel instead the alternative would be to record the macro and then execute the macro using uipath.

let us know if this helps,
Pavan H

Thank you for the prompt response! So, in the screenshot attached, if I want the bot to select just one month… is there no way to simply click on it instead of having the bot follow a recorded macro.

You can use click image activity to click the perticular image.

This should work,
Let us know if this helps.
Pavan H

Thank you! I do have another caveat. If I have a sheet with 2 tables and I want the bot to click on the second tables’s grand total. Is there an efficient way to do so? Right now, what I have it doing is using hotkey to scroll and then clicking based off of the informative screenshot.
My question is the month of Feb will generate different data in the tables compared to Jan. Is there a better way?

Is your requirement is to get the grand total from the sheet?
if so, you can load the sheet as datatable and then you can fetch the grand total.
Else based on month you can compare the data manually and if its jan you can use the send hot key to go to last of second column or if it is feb you can use logic as you do manually. and this should give you the solution.
Pavan H