Excel Click and Drag Graph


I would like to automate the process to click and drag this bar graph to below the pivot table created (so that the graph does not cover the table). May I know how can I do it and which activities to use etc?

Thank you!

hi @Steven_Kho,

You can achieve the same using HotKeys :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Take a Excel Applciation scope and Point to Excel
  2. Take a read Range inside it and specify the sheet Name where Graph is- This will bring the Bot to the sheet having graph
  3. Take a type into activity and point to the element circled below - Write the name of the Graph - followed by a Enter key - This will highlight the Graph.
  4. Once highlighted - You can multiple - send Hotkey (Down Arrow) - This will move the Graph Down.
  5. If required - You can send Hotkeys - Left Arrow - to Move the Graph accordingly.


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Hello @mukeshkala

Thank you for your help!

May I know how do I press the “down” hotkey multiple times, or hold the key for around 2 seconds?

hi @Steven_Kho,

PFB Screenshot for Same - Send Hotkey has property called Delay Before and Delay After - Here in the below screenshot - I have Taken a Delay of 3 sec before and after pressing the down key.

For multiple Down Keys - we can have multiple Send Hot keys.


I am not sure why my ‘down’ key doesn’t work. Even if I change it to ‘Left’ key, it won’t work as well.

From, Steven

Can you try the down key - without having selector - I mean - just drag and drop send hotkey and specify only the Key - down and Nothing else … Copy this hotkey multiple time in the workflow.

If it does not work - Try Putting the send Hotkeys outside the excel application scope.


Hi @mukeshkala

Both methods mentioned does not work - it did not hold the ‘down’ key for 3 seconds

From, Steven


I have found a solution!

What I did is to “Ctrl + X” to cut the graph,
Ctrl+G to go to the cell I want, and paste it over there

Thank you @mukeshkala for assisting me all this time!


Yes - Nice :slight_smile: … We can always Cut and Paste …