Excel click activity

Hey everyone I was wondering on how can I select a cell in excel with out selecting the entire table. I know click activity does not work and i tried recording with worked on my 2017 excel but not the 2010 excel. Open to any infor thanks!!

you can use ctrl+G and specify the cell name it will take you to the particular cell and then Ctrl+A, Ctrl+c will copy the information(in excel). if it is the table you can specify the DataTable.item(colname).rows(rownumber).

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control G is not working

Hello @kishanpatel728

use type into activity to type the cell address in “Name box” field (just above the Column A) with enter key like this:

celladdress.tostring & “[k(enter)]”
dont use simulate type, use either Send windows message or default


click on name BOX and enter the cell Capturename -> this will take you to the particular cell

are you passing capital G.? if yes, please use ctrl+g not capital G.

Hi @kishanpatel728 - You can use Read cell activity to read the value of a cell from a Spreadsheet as a string.