Excel Challenge, Find&Replace and Pivot table

I’m doing this robot where I extract data from SAP and get into Excel to do a report, so far I’ve been able to pull the data and manipulate it pretty easily.
I now have this file:
UiPath ZONAS JULIO 2022.xlsx (86.4 KB)
The sheet “How I extract” is how I’ve managed to arrange the data
The sheet “How I need it to be” is where I’ve got to replace the "COP " for “”, I’m doing it with LINQ but it ends up in text format and in the pivot table (Included in “ExamplePivotTable” Sheet) I need it to be numerical so I can SUM
There’s the other issue, the Pivot Table has to have this format

But CreatePivotTable activity won’t let me choose Column, Rows or SumValues.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks


Hi @Daniel_Zarate

Yu can try with Modern Activity


  1. Use Excel Process Scope activity
  2. Use Excel File activity
  3. Create Pivot Table Activity
    - You can add the Pivot Field below to the activity in the Screenshot



Great, I’ll try now
Do you know how I can remove the COP and get the value as a number so I can make the SUM process?

Thank you