Excel: bot-Update by using excel "Data actualization" on monthly base

Dear all,
I am searching for a professional solution. How to program this ?
Generic situation:

50 Excel files are located on local drive
on monthly base, each of the should be opened one by one and
using the excel function “Data actualize” the values inside should be updated.
When the “job” is done, an Message should be send out automatically by e-mail to the “owner”,
Message- text: Excel files are updated now.
May questions: What is the best choice to realize that kind of bot?
Record feature Desk Recorder ?..or,
Sequence and many of this click features?
Is there anyone willing to provide me a simple sample how to do that?
Thanks a lot in advance !

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A Beginner

Does you files will have the name which is specific to pick for each month?

  1. Use Directory.GetFiles(“path”) to get all the files in the drive
  2. Use for loop to pick the specific file for updating the data (you can use switch activity as well)
  3. Then make the changes you want passing the path to excel application scope activity and write range to read the data and the activities based on your requirement
  4. Use send outlook mail message activity to send the mail to the owner providing the mail. if you want the user to be specific for every month, you can use switch activity again here

Dear HaareshMR, thanks a lot for soon response. Great. I am still testing if your hints are applicable. Considering Package “Get files” & “Loop” is a good recommendation. But I still have a gap of understanding. Use case , situation: if a single excel is open, we are operatin inside of an excel sheet. First the header -excel button (1) “Daten/Data” sould be selected , than the sub menu provides
(2) “Actualize all/ Daten actualisieren”. These two “excel buttons” (clicks) should be considered. The effect is, that all data coming from a database will be automatically be refreshed. Here I am struggling little bit. In other words, there is no manual data or manual copying of data reguired. Thank’s again.

Can you post the screenshot of the issue or the above thing you mentioned please, it is a bit difficult to understand the scenario which you mentioned in excel @Huthmacher

Dear Hareesh,
Thanks for your recommendation to upload some screenshots in order to specify in a better way of what I have meant and to avoid misunderstandings before going ahead. Thanks for your time and help in advance. Have a nice weekend. …I come back to you next week.
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