Excel Bank Statement Verification

I have a process in which I have bunch of transactions which need to be verified by checking inside Bank Statements regularly being updated in a Shared Folder.
The input I am getting is:
i) Bank Amount
ii) Bank Date
iii) Bank Name
iv) Customer Name

I have successfully created a process which can search through a specific bank statement based upon Bank Amount and Bank Date. The issue I am getting is when multiple transactions or a different transaction occurs on the same exact date with the same exact amount it will consider it as verified and store the bank statement and proceed with the process.

To make it 100% accurate, I need to find Customer Name in the bank statements which is very vague and is sometimes written in different language, other times it is misspelled in the bank statements.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and workarounds.

Hy @Sarmad_Nadeem,

If you apply filter and get more than one item, you could populate the items in a Imput Dialog, it would pause the automation, so that you can which item you would like to process.

Do you want me to build a mock for you?


The process is unattended. It shouldn’t require any human intervention.


Make a extra column to your process say Status, Once you complete the transaction the make it as “Complete”



As above even bank amount is same, you can check the status and proceed

Hope this helps for you