Excel Automation: Write Range problems

Hello, I want that my automation reads a range of numbers and write it on a different file. But from the 3 rows I want the programm to write in the other file, it only does 2. But when I display the read rows there are all 3 displayed in the console. How can that be?

Here is my project: https://bit.ly/2JjzHCl
And the excel file: https://bit.ly/2MK1DBm

Sorry for the external link but I can´t upload files because I´m a new user.

Is the add header ms property in the property panel of READ RANGE is enabled
And make sure that while writing the range to excel with WRITE RANGE ACTIVITY, there also the property add headers should be enabled

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Thanks for your answerr @Palaniyappan!
The problem was that I activated “create header” in the read range :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your response!

Cheers @work_low

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