Excel Automation with StudioX - Sales Overview

Great practice, i would like to know how can i give some format to the pivot table

Could be an issue with Language settings and National settings in your windows/office/excel.

I used the copy and paste command to get it done. Append range just did not strike my mind while doing. A great example which should find its way in my day to day work

The issue with the blank space is occurring because of the BORDER in row 1/2. If you select the rows and set to “no borders” that should fix it. Our team was racking our brains over it for 10 minutes.

Something went wrong with . Activity Save Excel File As PDF (Save As Pdf X) failed: The start page cannot be smaller than 0.

I cant create pdf file :frowning:

save excel file as pdf no pages

I had the same problem and got around it by clearing the value in these to properties of the Save Excel File As PDF Activity:

  • End page
  • Start page
    By default by some reason they had a value (like the name of a variable).

I’m definitely hoping that when we start creating bots and my colleagues see them in action, we will also starting thinking about how we are organising our data. I think the development and use of bots can lead to a change in our ways of working so as to enable our routines to become even more automated.

The additional blank row upon running the workflow took longer than expected to troubleshoot. The Append UI in version 2022.4.3 can be quite confusing to interpret, and the input fields are flipped relative to those of the solution.


What I did was to delete the 2nd row after the iteration