Excel Automation using specific conditions

Hi all,

I’ve to copy data from one Excel sheet and insert into another one, with specific format conditions.

Input data is:

Output conditions are:

  1. If “Alias” is present the output data should contain 6 Rows.
  2. If “Alias” is not present output data should contain 4 Rows


For 1st condition…

For 2nd condition…

Thanks in advance…

You can use for each row to loop through your input DT. Use get row item to capture the value of column " Alias" . Check if that value is empty or not , then depending on the result , you can choose between the number of rows to add to the Output DT.

Can you send the sample input file, @Abhishek_Changan

Excel Automation.xlsx (11.8 KB)

Excel File with I/O:

Excel Automation.xlsx (11.8 KB)