Excel automation project

I have used write cell activity for Excel automation project but I have got error like “Activity is valid only inside Excel application scope” I have used write cell inside Excel application scope only but still showing… please tell anyone

can you share the work flow…not able to se excel application scope in the screenshot

Please write “C”+RowNo.tostring

this is because you are trying to add an integer to a string

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And you will also need to use an excel application scope with the pathway of the file inside it

Hi @Maneesh_Surya_Kumar,

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You cant you the excel activities without using “Excel Application Scope” activity.

First use a “Excel Excel Application Scope” and inside that place your Write Cell activity.

Hope it works.


I am using Excel application scope only but I am facing the issue

Can you please share the project zip so I can have a look?

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Hey @Maneesh_Surya_Kumar please give the write range activity inside the Excel process scope.
I am attaching a screenshot please refer to that.

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i got it thanks

First add the Excel Application Scope and then add the Write Range Activity.

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