Excel Automation: Practice Book Sales Report

Excel Automation: Practice Book Sales Report

You’ll notice that the extracted price contains the “£” symbol. This will result in an error when trying to do mathematical calculations. You will need to modify the extracted values to remove the symbol. There’s an activity just for that called Modify Text . You can find it under Common activities.

I do no have this in StudioX. Is anyone else having the same issue? Or a suggestion on a work around? I am currently trying to use replace text.

Can you please share the screenshot of properties of replace text available and also the Uipath automation activities version used

If not working then Assign activity can be used
Saved.Values(Of String)(“OutputText”).ToString.Replace(“symbol”,“”)

Thank you. I have an older Enterprise version that my company is using. I managed to upgrade some of the packages to complete this activity now. Thank you!

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