Excel Automation issues

Hello , trust you are great. I am having some issues understanding what to do now. Until now , I have been using subs with invoke VBA which I have to use in an excel application scope and this has been pretty understandable for me because I was just working with a single excel and moving/filtering data across the sheets. Right now I am supposed to work on two excels at the same time . so I am supposed to filter data on sheet A of excel 1 and move the result to sheet A of Excel 2. I really want to achieve this using invoke VBA or invoke code. I do not want to use datatable as this is what I am avoiding . but the invoke VBA is called only in a single excel application scope which would be excel1 , what then would I use for excel 2. The invoke code is throwing a lot of errors which I do not understand right now and would require a sample working workflow to understand.

Please help me as I am already behind my timeline .
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Hi @MasterOfLogic

I made your topic public so that our entire community can chime in and try to help you out :slight_smile:

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