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I want to add “0” in OpenAmount when Document No are the same number and leave actual amount in only one row. This is the original excel file.

I want the excel like this. Adding “0” in other rows and leave actual amount in only one row when the Document No are the same.

I attached the sample excel file for reference. If you have any solution, please provide me. Many Thanks.
Book1.xlsx (8.3 KB)


It’s something you can relate with the below usecase


Hope this will help you


Thanks. It takes a long time when the data record is huge.


If you have so many records. Don’t go with loop concept it will take huge time. You can use below steps.

  1. Use excel activity to open excel by input the excel file path.

  2. Read cell activity to read the C2 value and enter the value with write cell activity to D2 cell.

  3. Use write cell activity to insert formula like below “=IF(C2=C1,+CHR(34)+“0”+CHR(34)+”,C2)"
    In D3 cell.

  4. Use Auto fill formula to fill the formula with visible range so you will get the expected output in the D column.

  5. Now use copy paste range to copy the D column data to replace with the C columndata.

  6. Use delete range activity to delete the d column data.

With the above steps it will take fraction of seconds to complete the automation. Please try and let us know. Thanks.

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Thanks for reply. It’s working fine. It is solution.

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Could you please mark solution if you think my post as solution for your issue. Thanks. Have a nice day.

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