Excel Automation for candidate list

Suppose excel consists of Name, Place, Experience, Position, Skill etc. i need workflow suggestion i need to automate the excel if i choose any of the heading i need to get the candidates list who are comes under that search catogory please anyone suggest the workflow

Hi @bharadwaj.vuppalapati

Your query is confusing, could you be more specific…

I have a sharepoint access i need to automate which consists of excel candiate list by name, location, experience, skill etc if suppose i need to check with specific skill i need to get the list of all names which comes under that skill if i search with that skill

Hi @bharadwaj.vuppalapati

Try this

DT=DT.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(x) x("Skill").ToString.Contains(Skill)).CopyToDataTable


You don’t need that DT variable. Just put the AsEnumerable expression into the Write Range Workbook activity.

@bharadwaj.vuppalapati a simpler way is to just use the Filter Data Table activity.

I suggest starting here…