Excel Automation Exercices

Hi guys,

So I have the following exercices:

1.We make a program that returns us in a variable (which we declare seven days). We save info in the form of a list of strings. We go through the list and test if the position of that day is multiple of 4.
If the condition is true, we move the day to the end of the list. If it is false, we move that day to the top of the list. At the end we show what the new week looks like.
EX. days = [Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday] for a multiple of 2, we get the following list: days [Thursday, Tuesday, Monday, Wednesday]

  1. We have an excel with 3 columns, 10 rows (numbers from 0 to 9). We make a program that runs through each cell that has data and sort (descending). If the cell does not have data we keep track of the position of the empty cell (row and column). In the final order 2x message box: 1 with the list of sorted no, 2 with the total number of empty boxes. Note: if the figure already exists in the list, we will not write it again
    We will store read info in a list of Int.

Any thoughts in doing these ?